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Locus Telecommunications Certifies Ingenico Elite 710 Terminal

Las Vegas, NV, March 15, 2005 - Ingenico, the world’s leading provider of electronic payment terminals, announced today at the Electronic Transactions Association Annual Meeting that Locus Telecommunications of Englewood Cliffs, NJ, has certified theIngenico Elite 710 “multi-app ready” terminal for LOPEDS, Locus Telecommunications’ POS distribution system. “Ingenico’s Elite 710 enables our prepaid distributors to place an exceptional and cost-effective point-of-sale activation system at any point of purchase,” stated Eric Moon, division head of POS distribution for Locus Telecommunications. “We are very impressed with Ingenico’s UNICAPT multi-application architecture and development environment, which enabled Locus to bring a fully featured application to market within 60 days. We appreciate why Ingenico is the world’s leader in EFT POS terminals.”John V. Priore, EVP and general manager of Ingenico’s Financial Systems group, stated, “Locus Telecommunications is a tremendous addition to our value-added suite of services. We are grateful to Locus Telecommunications for their support and consider them to be valued partner.” Priore added, “Our partnership with Locus is a tribute to our company focus on the prepaid industry and the hard work of our prepaid business development team, both of which has set Ingenico apart from our competitors.”

About Locus Telecommunications
Headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Locus Telecommunications is an established, leading provider of long distance, wireless, point-of-sale and carrier services. Locus delivers reliable access to advanced, affordable telecommunications products and services that meet customers’ needs at home and around the globe. Currently, Locus prepaid wireless and calling card products reach consumers through more than 50,000 locations nationwide. Locus serves more than 225,000 wireless customers and generate over 300 million network minutes per month.LOPEDS is the POS distribution solution provided by Locus Telecommunications. LOPEDS was developed to not only provide the general benefits of POS, but to also serve the unmet needs of distributors and dealers. In doing so LOPEDS has created a multi-level distribution hierarchy that encompasses the full distribution chain—distributors, agents and retailers—and incorporated industry leading payment options as well as PIN dispensing flexibility. For more information, visit www.LocusTelecom.com or www.Lopeds.com.

About Ingenico
With a 24% market share, INGENICO is the world's largest provider of secure payment and transaction systems used by banking, retail, petroleum, transportation, healthcare and governments to ensure the secure acceptance and flow of electronic commerce. The Company's 1300 employees as well as network of subsidiaries, partners and distributors make it simple, fast and safe to purchase goods and services anywhere in the world.

Annually INGENICO dedicates more than 8% of its revenue to research and development of new payment systems providing ever increasing performance and security. These payment systems, based on the UNICAPTTM 32 architecture and EMV smart card standards, leverage technologies such as biometry, touchscreen technology, GPRS communications and Bluetooth™ to deliver cost effective performance. INGENICO's continual technological and commercial development of applications for purchasing card systems, e-procedures, prepaid systems and electronic transaction management provide solutions for markets that demand optimal security (Visa PED) and efficiency. Ingenico is also engaged in a large number of emerging markets such as electronic identity control, health cards, logistic traceability and many others. For more information about Ingenico, visit their web site at www.ingenico-us.com.