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Locus Reinforces Commitment to Fair Value & Clear Product Disclosure with Expansion of the “S” Calling Card

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, August 13, 2008 – Locus Telecommunications announces the recent distribution expansion of the S Card, a prepaid long distance calling card with competitive national and international rates. As an example of a well established calling card that reinforces Locus’ commitment to fair value and clear product disclosures, the company has decided to expand distribution of the S Card in key markets such as LA, Washington DC and Texas. In addition, it is expected to launch in Northern New Jersey, at the end of August, through Locus’ distribution partnership with SDI.

The S Card is just another example of a Locus prepaid brand that upholds the company’s high standards for value, reliability, stability and fairness. Available in $5 and $10 denominations, the S Card not only offers great low rates, but also ensures that consumers get exactly what they pay for.

JH Choi, Vice President of Calling Card Sales for Locus stated, “We are very pleased that the S Card has been so well received by our customers. The success of this product demonstrates our benefits of providing fair value and clear product disclosures. We believe we are providing end-users with the exceptional prepaid long distance calling experience that they are accustomed to receiving from Locus. Choi added, “We understand and uphold the belief that clear product disclosures are good business and with this type of commitment to our brand as well as our customer, we know that we will continue to develop long-term loyalty-based relationships. The S Card is just one example of a Locus calling card that demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with a clear value from their calling card experiences.” a

SDI, a long-time distribution partner of Locus, also agrees that fair business practices are a must in the prepaid calling card industry. Sohel Kapadia, CEO of SDI, Inc. remarked, “We take great pride in choosing those companies we work with because our partners are an important reflection of who we are just as much as we are for them. Our commitment to value, fairness, high quality customer care and clear product disclosures is shown through the loyalty our customers have to the brands we carry. Locus is a great example of the type of high-quality organization we look for.”

As one of the oldest and most well-respected providers in the calling card industry, Locus also confirmed they are committed to promoting clear customer disclosures. This fact is demonstrated by the company’s support of – and key participation in – industry initiatives that foster an environment that provides customers with value from their calling card experiences.

About Locus Telecommunications
Locus Telecommunications is an established provider and marketer of prepaid communication products and services which include pre and post paid wireless, long distance, point-of-sale and carrier services. Locus provides distinctive yet cost-effective communication solutions that allow end-users to connect with family and friends, around the globe, in new and exciting ways. Locus brands include Geo Telecom, O2 Wireless Service, and EZ011. Additional information can be found at www.LocusTelecom.com or by calling 1-888-823-7587.

About SDI, Inc.
SDI has over 10 years of long distance calling card experience in both retail and distribution environments. As one of the largest calling card distributors in the country, SDI is well respected among their partners and customers alike. Their reputation for high-quality products and customer loyalty has made then one of the most effective and successful distribution networks in the country.

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JH Choi, VP of Calling Card Sales