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Locus & SDI Establish Partnership & Launch New
“Fair Value Calling Card” Campaign in Texas

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, July 9, 2008 - Headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Locus Telecommunications, an established, provider of prepaid services and one of the nation’s largest independent calling card providers, proudly announces a new venture with SDI, one of the nation’s most prominent calling card distributors with a strong distribution network in the Texas market. Together these telecommunications organizations have joined forces to aggressively approach the Texas market and ensure that customers get the best “fair value” in a prepaid calling card experience.

In response to consumers’ needs and desires to “get what they pay for,” Locus and SDI decided to team up, once again, and aggressively seek out the Texas market while reinforcing their “fair value” practices of calling card services provided to end-users.

“Competition in the market place, especially in Texas, is at its peak. Customers have lots of choices and very busy lifestyles. In order to differentiate ourselves we needed to create a unique partnership with a calling card company that is known for its reliability, competitive rates, clear connections and fair value in a calling card experience,” states Sohel Kapadia, CEO of SDI.

This long-standing partnership will feature such calling card products as the Hot Dog card (distributed at over 2,500 retail locations throughout Texas and through Locus’ partnership with SDI), which provides a consistent value and offers competitive rates to the world’s most popular countries. This service, as well as other Locus products, appeals to a broad range of users from numerous ethnic groups.

JH Choi, Vice President of Calling Card Sales at Locus, states, “SDI is one of the largest and most effective distributors in the industry. Their experience, vast knowledge and recognition in the prepaid telecommunications industry, provides us with a unique way to not only catch the attention of our current customers, but to draw repeat as well as new business.” Choi adds, “We pride ourselves on the service that we provide to our customers and welcome the opportunity to sharpen our focus and support the Texas market through this partnership.”

To further increase the visibility of this partnership, an extensive awareness campaign has been planned and will target well-known radio stations in key Texas markets.

Locus Telecommunications
Locus Telecommunications is an established provider and marketer of prepaid communication products and services which include pre and post paid wireless, long distance, point-of-sale and carrier services. Locus provides distinctive yet cost-effective communication solutions that allow end-users to connect with family and friends, around the globe, in new and exciting ways. Additional information can be found at www.LocusTelecom.com or by calling 1-888-823-7587.

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JH Choi, VP of Calling Card Sales