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Customers Are Breathing Easier at Local Convenience Stores

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ, February 27, 2006 – Customers of the regional convenience store chain, Tedeschi’s Food Shops, Inc., comprised of Store 24, Li’l Peach and Tedeschi’s Food Shops, are now breathing a little easier. Why? Because O2 WirelessSM GSM, a nationally recognized prepaid wireless service from Locus Telecommunications is now being offered at the 210 stores located throughout New England.

Locus’ commitment to continually expand its distribution and its desire to find unique methods and channels to do that, led them to Joe Hamza, Director of Marketing at Tedeschi’s. Hamza worked with Locus to create a convenience centric program that was not only unique, but also focused on the needs of the customer. “We are always looking for new and compelling products and services that will provide our customers not only with what they need, but with what they want. This relationship with Locus provides exactly that, an attractive feature-rich product that catches the attention of our customers and provides us with a unique way to draw repeat and new business.” stated Hamza.

According to Hamza, this new program and relationship with Locus are going well. He added, “Our philosophy is if our partners do well we do well. And we value that.”

Throughout the onset of this program, Hamza worked closely with Fred Holub, Director of Wireless Sales at Locus. Holub noted, “The relationship with Tedeschi’s Food Shops is important for a number of different reasons - two of the most important being location and foot traffic count. Buyers of prepaid products walk into these convenience stores every day and now we have a product that fulfills their prepaid wireless needs at an extremely competitive price!”

O2 WirelessSM GSM was successfully launched in April 2005. Since then, it has established itself as one of the leading national prepaid wireless brands. Locus is committed to finding new and unique ways to grow its distribution channels. With Tedeschi’s Food Shops as one of its newest partners, Locus continues to deliver on that commitment. This progression into the convenience retail environment is just the first step to increasing its growth as well as solidifying its reputation as a trusted and nationally recognized name in the prepaid wireless segment.

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Locus Telecommunications is an established, leading provider of long distance, MVNO wireless, point-of-sale and carrier services. Locus delivers clients reliable access to advanced, affordable telecommunications products and services that meet their needs at home and around the globe. Currently, Locus reaches consumers through more than 60,000 locations nationwide for prepaid wireless and calling card products, serves more than 250,000 wireless customers and generates over 300 million network minutes per month. Additional information can be found at www.LocusTelecom.com.