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Locus Adds VoIP to its Services Portfolio

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ, October 17, 2006 – Locus Telecommunications, one of the leading wireless and long distance telecommunications companies serving ethnic markets in the United States, recently launched its first consumer Voice over IP service, FonByNetSM. This new service is designed to be an easy-to-use, economical way to make long distance calls anywhere in the world.

Ken Myers, Senior Director of Marketing stated, “Locus is extremely excited about adding FonByNet to our current suite of services. FonByNet is our first foray into the consumer VoIP space. It offers our customers another inexpensive, simple-to-use way to stay connected with friends, family and business colleagues around the world.”

True to its name, FonByNet allows customers to do exactly that…make calls over the internet. With this prepaid PC-to-phone service, there’s no need to download software, so it’s quick and easy-to-use. To make calls, customers need only access the FonByNet web phone (located at www.FonByNet.com) from any Microsoft® Windows® -based computer that has high-speed internet access and start dialing. Phone time can be conveniently purchased online with a credit card or through PayPal®, which will soon be made available.

Myers adds, “Locus will continue to evaluate opportunities to expand its service offerings through IP-based technologies, including enhancements to FonByNet as well as the addition of other voice and video services, as these services offer great potential to Locus’ ethnic-niche oriented distribution.”

For more information on Locus Telecommunications or to become a distributor of Locus’ nationally recognized brands of prepaid wireless and calling card products, please visit www.LocusTelecom.com or call 201-585-3600.

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Locus Telecommunications is an established, leading provider of long distance, MVNO wireless, point-of-sale and carrier services. Locus delivers clients reliable access to advanced, affordable telecommunications products and services that meet their needs at home and around the globe. Currently, Locus reaches consumers through more than 60,000 locations nationwide for prepaid wireless and calling card products, serves more than 300,000 wireless customers and generates over 300 million network minutes per month. Additional information can be found at www.LocusTelecom.com.