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About ActFast SM
On Your Mark…Get Set…Activate…in as little as 60 seconds.

ActFast SM is the quick, simple and fully automated way to activate Locus prepaid wireless phones – GSM. With the Locus ActFast SM system you can automatically activate a phone and load the promotional minutes, over the air (OTA), in as little as sixty seconds. Simply call our toll-free IVR system and with
the press of a few buttons, you’re done. What’s even more, you can access the Locus ActFast SM system seven days a week.

Save time! Save money! Make more sales!

Features of ActFast SM
 Proprietary technology created to support distribution partners
 Reduces time, cost and labor associated with activations
 Interfaces and exchanges information with underlying carrier’s
   mobile switch activation and billing platforms
 Activates phones through OTA activation in as little as 60 seconds

ActFast SM System Hours of Operation (Local Time)
   Monday – Friday 6:00 am – midnight
   Saturday 6:00am - 8:30pm
   Sunday 10:00am - 9:00pm

Quick, easy and available 7 days a week, the Locus ActFast SM system is another great reason to do business with us. For additional information, to find out your dealer code/password or to learn about our Locus ActFast SM web-based system, please call your Account Manager or local sales office.

   East Coast Office: 888-823-7587
   West Coast Office: 888-487-7255