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Point-Of-Sale (POS) Electronic PIN Distribution System
The Locus Point-Of-Sale Electronic Distribution System (LOPEDS) eliminates the need to stock physical pin-based cards and allows you to sell cards on demand. LOPEDS will improve your profitability, increase sales, track business performance, and reduce operating costs.

This system is available nationally and is capable of supporting any local, regional or national calling card or prepaid wireless service provider. Plus, its flexibility allows it to be customized to meet the needs of various retail environments – wireless retailers, convenience stores or other non-traditional retail outlets.

Benefits of LOPEDS

No need for on-hand inventory

Improved inventory management

Reduced theft and fraud

Lower sales costs for delivery and collections

Increased cash flow

Rapid deployment of new services

Enhanced counter or shelf space productivity

Quality reporting for improved account management

LOPEDS Features
LOPEDS was developed to not only provide the general benefits of POS but to also serve the unmet needs of distributors and dealers. In doing so, Locus has created a multi-level distribution hierarchy that encompasses the full distribution chain distributors, agents and retailers and incorporates industry leading payment options as well as PIN dispensing flexibility. Plus, through a robust reporting application, LOPEDS also captures what is being sold, when and by whom.

Unique distribution hierarchy that involves distributors, agents and retailers and allows for the complete management of the distribution chain

Secured transactions - SSL connections ensure secure transactions and passkey applications prevent remote log-ins and fraudulent PIN dispensing

Flexible payment options - Pre-Pay, ACH, Terms and Credit Card-that meet the needs of each and every distributor, agent or dealer

Flexible front-end solutions including terminals, telephone access, web and XML

Buy PINS from Locus or provide your own-it’s your choice

Superb Customer Care through online help and support desk

Free Demonstration
For your own LOPEDS Systems Demonstration, visit us online. This short
demonstration will show you how LOPEDS will help you generate income
from wireless and calling card sales.

For more information about our Point-of-Sale Services, contact us at
201-585-3600 and ask for a LOPEDS representative or click here.